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Located in South Eastern Europe, in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Bosnia and Herzegovina has long been at the crossroads of culture, ideas and different influences. Its uniqueness is well reflected in a diverse ethnic background, its varied landscapes and climate zones and its long history, where, for centuries, people from all over the world have met and exchanged both goods and ideas.

The country has a unique blend of East and West, which gives it a competitive edge in an increasingly globalized world economy.

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Get access to skilled expertise

One of the primary reasons why a business may want to outsource a task is when it requires skilled expertise. To allow you to focus on your core mission in providing a high quality product and service to your customer offshoring the task to people who can perform it better makes sense.

Focus on core activities

Workload increases with additional non-core functions and the quality of your core activities suffers as your business grows. Outsourcing in such scenario to a third party plays an important role by allowing your key resources to focus on primary business tasks.

Cut costs and save BIG!

All the benefits listed above come with the bonus benefit of lower cost and big savings! When you outsource services like medical billing, call center and teleradiology, etc. to a low-cost country , you are getting access to quality services that are offered at a much lower cost!

Give your business a competitive edge

The benefit of outsourcing is that it helps your organization gain a competitive edge in the market. Through strategic outsourcing to an outsourcing partner, you are not only providing your customers with best-of breed services, but increasing your productivity while managing your in-house resources intelligently.

Improve service and delight the customer

Your outsourcing partner, with their skilled expertise will produce quality deliverables faster, increasing your turn around time to the customer. With on-time deliveries and high-quality services your customers will be delighted!

Increasing in-house efficiency

After you allocate tasks to your outsourcing partner, they share the workload of your employees. This allows you to develop your internal task force and use them more efficiently.

  • Companies that export goods and services from BiH are entitled to request refund of VAT
  • Geographic proximity: easy traveling and communication – Low cost flights to Europe: 17 Wizzair, 1 Ryanair, 2 Eurowings (as of June 2018); same time zone
  • Leading BPO providers are adjusted to GDPR requirements
  • High number of people with university degree relevant to BPO who are unemployed
  • After various successful investment cases in different sectors, more than 80% of foreign investors would invest again and recommend BiH as an investment destination
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